Clarence Daniels for Haines City Commision


Vote To Elect Clarence Daniels for Haines City Commission, Seat 4 in the April 30th, 2024 Election. THE CAMPAIGN TO ELECT CLARENCE DANIELS would like to thank you for your support.

"Transparency that Builds TRUST"

Clarence Daniels for Haines City Commision
Transparency in Leadership
  • Transparency is a critical leadership attribute. It helps to build trust, and it’s a prerequisite for building a constructive, high-performance culture. I will remain transparent at all times with our city residents.

Accountability for All

Accountability is the willingness and ability to take responsibility for one's actions, decisions, and results, and to accept the consequences and learn from them. If given the opportunity, I will respect your values, communicate them effectively, and following through on them.

I will remain transparent, honest, and ethical, and I will hold myself and others accountable for delivering high-quality outcomes to you.

Community Revitalization

Community Revitalization is the strategic process of transforming Blight, Blighted Structures and Severely Distressed Public Housing in neighborhoods and communities that are located within a geographic area or on a parcel of property for which a specific housing priority area has been established by the local, federal or state government, and is memorialized in a local Affordable Housing plan or a comparable document. I want to revitalize the city we live in it make it a better place for all residents to live, work and play.

Infrastructure that Supports our City and residents

A City's infrastructure is primarily composed of its streets, water, storm water and wastewater systems. I will work daily to advocate for Haines City having an infrastructure that supports the growth that our city has and will continue to see.



Please help us elect Clarence Daniels for Haines City Commission, Seat 4. We ask for your support to ensure that Clarence Daniels is elected to serve the people of Haines City, Florida.



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